Strategic Growth

With all of the actual day to day management of the organization, it can be hard to see the forest through the trees.  Leading an organization through expansion, creating a sales and marketing plan, or trying to figure out a financial structure that is right for you, can be overwhelming and daunting at the same time. HarpConAG can help you with strategic visioning exercises and planning.

Within this service area, here are a few examples of specific areas where we can provide guidance and support:

Opening an Adult Day Center

Expansion (programmatic, physical plant)

Financial/Revenue Diversification

Sales and Marketing (Branding, Market Position, Market Planning, Competitive Analysis, etc.)

Vision Planning (Strategic Plan)

Feasibility Study


What does this look like?

HarpConAG can help put structure and framework around deciding whether to grow and expand, or maintain what you have; giving you the tools and information to manage the process.

Innovation is always a great way to introduce new programs and breathe new life into your organization through expanding services or programs and diversification of revenue streams or adding a new revenue source. HarpConAG can help walk through strategic visioning exercises to help determine what would work for your organization and the steps on how to move forward.

HarpConAG has experience in new building construction and expansion efforts (research, planning, and construction.) This is an in depth endeavor, with lots of headaches. HarpConAG can help you navigate this process.

With a fresh perspective, HarpConAG can provide an assessment and recommendations on how to revamp your marketing and outreach in the community or rebrand your organization, giving you that new outlook and pep in your step!

HarpConAG can assist you, and potentially your board, to identify specific goals (short and long term) and then help you identify the strategies and next steps on how to achieve them.

How we can deliver training and support:
On-Site Training
Web-Based Videoconferencing
Web-Based Training
Material & Guide Creation

Contact us to discuss ways we can help you strategically grow your organization!

For information on how we work with each organization to make this process affordable and within your budget, learn more about our Fee Structure.

Joel has an uncommon knack for developing long-term strategic vision and driving organizational growth to achieve that vision. Joel demonstrates excellent technical and interpersonal skills in working with various stakeholder groups to achieve success in a surprisingly short time. I was extremely impressed with Joel's ability to visualize the goal of long-term growth while marshaling the organization's financial and other resources in the near term to move us prudently toward that goal.