Strategic Direction and Growth

It can be challenging to dedicate time to the overall strategic direction of an organization when you are busy with the day-to-day operations.  Maybe you have an idea of where you want the organization to go, but you are not sure how to plot out the roadmap.  Do you have a Board of Directors who need a structured process? Is your current brand an accurate representation of where you are now and where you want to go? In addition, as you are looking for your organization to grow and evolve, being able to put structure to the process of expanding inside and outside of your walls can be difficult. HarpConAG can assist with strategic planning, organizational and programmatic expansion, brand management, financial analysis, revenue diversification, and sales and marketing efforts.

Within this service area, here are a few examples of specific areas where we can provide guidance and support:

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Opening a New Facility (Adult Day Services, Assisted/Senior Living)

Expansion Efforts (Programmatic, Brick and Mortar)

Financial Analysis and Revenue Diversification

Brand Management

Sales and Marketing

Board Relations and Training

What does this look like?

HarpConAG can assist with all aspects of the strategic planning process.  We will work collectively with board and staff members to guide you through the steps of getting to the key aspects of your strategic vision, delivering a structured framework outlining the strategic plan.

Developing the strategic plan is half the battle.  HarpConAG can help develop a multi-year strategic implementation plan based on the strategic plan through a format of goals, strategies, and outcomes to help you measure your plan’s success.

HarpConAG can help individuals and organizations with the guidance and recommendations when opening a new facility.  This comes in the shape of community layout, programs and services, brand development, budget planning, and sales and marketing plans.

HarpConAG can help put structure and framework around the decision process of deciding whether to grow and expand or maintain what you have; giving you the tools and information to manage the process.

HarpConAG has experience with new building construction and expansion efforts. Being a resource to help manage and navigate this process, working with or being utilized as the project manager, can help reduce the number of headaches with this in-depth endeavor.

HarpConAG can provide a fresh perspective on your brand and help determine if it accurately reflects your current organization as well as your strategic direction.  This could include logo design, mission and vision statements, and developing a brand management guide.  how to revamp your marketing and outreach in the community or rebrand your organization, giving you that new outlook and pep in your step!

HarpConAG can assist organizations with financial analysis for an array of different scenarios.  Additionally, tapping into different services and offerings can help you diversify your revenue sources.  HarpConAG can provide analysis and recommendations on budgeting and your overall financial business model.

HarpConAG can help with developing a Marketing Action Plan for your organization.  Long-Term Care is NOT The Field of Dreams where “if you build it, they will come.”  Organizations need a specific marketing action plan with specific goals, actions, and strategies on how to help drive your census, increase community awareness of your programs and services, develop community partnerships, and identify referral sources.  HarpConAG can guide you through this process and provide tools and experience to ensure you have a structured process in place.

HarpConAG can assist your board of directors in many areas, such as: developing a committee structure, facilitating committee meetings, developing a structured board meeting agenda, new board member orientation, creating term limits, bylaw review, and much more.  We can also provide training on a more direct scope, such as board retreats with a specific focus and goal to be achieved.

How we can deliver training and support:
On-Site Training
Web-Based Videoconferencing
Web-Based Training
Material Guide and Creation
Material & Guide Creation

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For information on how we work with each organization to make this process affordable and within your budget, learn more about our Fee Structure.

Joel has an uncommon knack for developing long-term strategic vision and driving organizational growth to achieve that vision. Joel demonstrates excellent technical and interpersonal skills in working with various stakeholder groups to achieve success in a surprisingly short time. I was extremely impressed with Joel's ability to visualize the goal of long-term growth while marshaling the organization's financial and other resources in the near term to move us prudently toward that goal.