At Harpeth Consultant Advisory Group, we focus on six key areas in our Common Sense Approach to deliver Sophisticated Results. No matter what your goals are, this structured approach allows us to help you get there.

Organizational Assessment & Development

HarpConAG can objectively assess your organization and provide recommendations and tactical next steps to help you achieve your vision.

Individual and Caregiver Support Services

HarpConAG offers engagement programs for individuals living with a diagnosis of memory impairment, caregiver support services, and community organizations seeking to provide support services.

Strategic Direction & Growth

HarpConAG can help your organization grow successfully with strategic visioning and planning, brand management, organizational and programmatic expansion, and with your sales and marketing efforts.

Person Centered Care

HarpConAG can help your organization transform your program into one that is more person-centered, LGBTQ+ inclusive, and engaging by tapping into the interests of each individual, leaving them feeling respected and valued.

Compliance & Quality Assurance

HarpConAG can help you with quality assurance measures and tools, and a comprehensive review of your policies and procedures to maintain the highest levels of compliance.


HarpConAG can help you with developing individualized curriculum for your staff training needs, clinical training and audits, sales and marketing trainings, dementia specific training such as the Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Training for the CDP, and Virtual Dementia Tour facilitation, and so much more.

Joel excels in developing systems and processes for executing and documenting innovative and complex services. He is analytic and thorough. I also know Joel’s skills in strategic planning as well as marketing to be particularly good, very much focused on understanding and addressing the needs of target markets and creating strong benefit-oriented messages.