Person Centered Care

Developing a person-centered program of care within a long-term care organization is essential.  It helps you stand out from your competition, but more importantly it will drive your staff and resident/client engagement levels because you are developing programs and services that cater to the individual.  A litmus test we often use are the monthly programming calendars.  If month after month they are looking the same, sparse with scheduled activities, or they are all large group programs, those are indications that you do not have a person-centered program.  When most people are asked “do you think you have a person-centered program?” most will respond with “yes, of course.”  But the reality is unless they tailored their program to the interests of the individuals, have multiple small group programs occurring, adapted programming for dementia care programs, and LGBTQ+ inclusive programming, it is not truly person-centered. A successful program can be measured by how socially engaged the resident/client is and if they feel respected, valued, and included. When you incorporate engagement levels into your outcomes, it gives you a tangible measurement to show success. HarpConAG can assist with assessing the current state of your program and help develop an implementation plan based on your goals.  HarpConAG will utilize and apply the evidenced-based Person-Centered Care in Practice (Geboy L., Meyer-Arnold B., Person Centered Care in Practice, Attainment Company, 2011.)  framework to each organization differently based on their program goals.

Within this service area, here are a few examples of specific areas where we can provide guidance and support:

Program Assessment

Program Development

Adaptive Programming

Assessment Tools

Staff and Resident/Client Engagement Assessment

Implementation Planning

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Programming and Training

Environmental Design

Staff Training

Outcomes and Quality Assurance

What does this look like?

HarpConAG can assist with all aspects of assessing the current state of your program.  This helps give a baseline regarding how the current programs are being planned and facilitated, as well as the engagement levels of the residents/clients in the program and the engagement of the staff with the residents/clients. 

HarpConAG can assist with developing assessment and other tools to help track the engagement levels, but also gather the required information from the residents/clients to help staff determine interests that can be applied to program development.

HarpConAG can assist with developing activity programs that reflect your resident/client interests where we can then use it as a training opportunity for the staff, so they learn the expectation of what a fully developed program looks like.

HarpConAG can assist with adaptive programming in your dementia care neighborhood.  This process involves utilization of cognitive assessment tools to determine the stages of the disease process, where we can create a program and adapt it for all cognitive levels, where all residents/clients can participate, based on their ability.

HarpConAG can assist leadership staff on developing the person-centered implementation plan.  There are a lot of steps and it can be overwhelming, but we help develop a timeline and break it down into steps.  As part of the implementation plan, the identification of outcome goals is critical.  Based on the initial assessment, it will help guide you where the efforts need to be focused.  

HarpConAG can assist you with creating an environment that is LGBTQ+ inclusive. LGBTQ+ older adults are looking for communities and programs where they can envision themselves and their loved one (partner, significant other, spouse, etc.) to feel welcomed and included. This is evidenced by policies, procedures, and programming geared towards inclusion. Are you asking which pronouns people prefer to be called by? Do you have a policy in place outlining shared accommodations? Do you have programs that have LGBTQ+ elements showcasing your inclusion? These are all areas HarpConAG can assist you in developing and creating to enhance your service offerings and become a recognized inclusive community.

HarpConAG can provide a fresh perspective on your environment.  Is the environment set up in a way that fosters a person-centered program, or are there environmental detractors or underutilized space that could be overcome and transformed where it could enhance your person-centered care offerings?

HarpConAG can assist with staff training.  Assessing the program, identifying goals and outcomes, and developing the implementation plan is only half of the equation.  As you shift to implementing a person-centered program, things will be done very differently, and the staff need to be trained on what to expect, what their role is, how things will be done differently, and the reasoning behind the motivation to change the program.  HarpConAG can assist in all aspects of this process as it is essential to ensure the team is trained appropriately.

HarpConAG can assist by developing a quality assurance measure for your new person-centered program.  Often, once a program is up and running, it is left on autopilot.  You want to keep the momentum going and ensuring that you are keeping an eye on your outcomes; are they where you want them to be or does something need to be adjusted? Developing a quality assurance audit can help you manage the process going forward by identifying process owners, tasks, and timeframes.

How we can deliver training and support:


Web-Based Video Conference


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