Our Work in Action

As you are maneuvering your way through the RFP process and trying to determine which consultant will be able to deliver on your scope of work? Harpeth Consultant Advisory Group wants you to feel confident when you select us for your project.

Below you will find several Case Studies on work that we have done, where we applied our Common Sense Approach to deliver Sophisticated Results. Each case study is reflective on a specific project and each project differed in its overall scope of work.

Please take a moment to review these case statements and keep in mind that HarpConAG has the capacity to provide consultation and support on many different areas. For an overview of our key areas of service, take a look at our Services for more information.

For additional information, or if you have a project area that is not listed, please Contact us to discuss how we can help.

My husband and I began our association with the Insight Memory Care Center in 2014. We had found an organization, led by Joel Bednoski, with unique educational and caregiving supports. What a relief! Under Joel’s leadership the Insight Center attracted, and kept, well-trained and caring staff members; offered targeted dementia education and training for staff, family, caregivers, and community members; and, with patience, and even humor, cared for clients each step along the way as their dementia progressed.
Joel led the planning for the expanded Insight Center when it outgrew its original home. The new Center had spaces for a variety of group activities, health assessments and physical therapy, quiet respite, and exercise. It was planned with the recognition that each individual’s journey with dementia has different paths.
I knew Joel’s direct involvement and personal caring would ensure that the staff, caregivers, and clients at Insight would feel part of a team. Joel’s wonderful sense of humor helped all of us concentrate on the positives as we worked together each day.