Organizational Leadership and Development

The essence of most any organization is its people; the team. HarpConAG believes when you walk into any business, you can “feel” the atmosphere. From ones that are warm and inviting, or corporate and down to business, and even ones that have a cold, clinical feeling. One area of service from HarpConAG is helping you create the team environment that will allow you to achieve your vision.

Within this service area, here are a few examples of specific areas where we can provide guidance and support:

Talent Acquisition

Team Building

Culture Change

Education and Training

Dementia Education/Programming

Interim Executive Director Support (Northern Virginia and Greater Nashville, TN areas ONLY)

What does this look like? 

HarpConAG can help you devise a plan and implement strategies on how to increase your customer service satisfaction scores.

HarpConAG can come fully armed with engaging team building activities to do with your team, or we can provide you kits or engagement plans on how to DIY.

HarpConAG can help re-invigorate your curriculum content by either bringing you specific training topics and implementing training sessions with your staff, or provide a DIY guide with some best practice approaches.

HarpConAG has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you revamp or introduce a dementia training curriculum. From Dementia Communication 101 to How to Develop a Successful and Engaging Dementia Program; we’ve got you covered to arm your team so they can be the best caregivers and understand how to handle this population or difficult behaviors.

HarpConAG has certified staff to provide CDP training curriculum to students, staff, and professionals.  In addition, we also have certified staff who are able to facilitate a Virtual Dementia Tour for staff, professionals, and caregivers.

HarpConAG can assist you during transitional times in your assisted living or adult day services organization by providing licensed interim executive director support.  These services are available in northern Virginia and the greater Nashville, TN areas.

How we can deliver training and support:
On-Site Training
Web-Based Videoconferencing
Web-Based Training
Material & Guide Creation

Contact us to discuss ways we can help reinvigorate your team!

For information on how we work with each organization to make this process affordable and within your budget, learn more about our Fee Structure.

One of Joel's greatest strengths is working with people and relating to them in ways that benefit those individuals AND further the mission of the organization. Joel is skilled at recognizing and retaining highly qualified staff and building groups of individuals into cohesive teams.  He understands the importance of education and training for both professional growth and organizational success. Joel understands what it takes to be a good leader – and a good manager.