Fee Structure

At HarpConAG, we understand budgetary constraints! HarpConAG has developed a tiered service approach to help fit most any budget. Below you will find the different fee structures that we offer. Please feel free to contact us if you have specific questions or would like to discuss ongoing service or bulk service rates.


Sometimes all you may need is just a one-hour consultation; whether to brainstorm on an idea, get some feedback, understand a compliance issue, help put some structure to an idea you may have, or a million other things that don’t require a full scope project! At HarpConAG, we are happy to provide a one-hour consultation for a fee of $200.  In the event you opt to utilize us for an ongoing project, we will apply the $200 towards your project.  Otherwise, we are more than happy to provide this one-hour consultation at a flat rate.

Hourly Rate

HarpConAG can be retained on an hourly basis. This type of structure is usually good for when an organization has a very specific project in mind, or would like to retain us to help with very specific short-term needs.

Flat Rate

HarpConAG can provide Flat Rate services. This type of structure is usually good for when you have an extensive project in mind and do not want to have to watch the clock so closely. In a Flat Rate structure, an organization will submit an RFP to HarpConAG, who will then respond with a total project cost, along with options for overages. An example for this type of service would be where an organization is looking to develop a program, or perform a quality assurance audit of the organization identifying areas of concern and recommendations.

Training Rates

HarpConAG can provide Training Rates. This structure is reserved for when an organization wants HarpConAG to provide in-person staff training at your location(s). This would utilize one of HarpConAG’s own training programs to facilitate a specific training topic, team building exercise, or board training.

Bulk Rates

HarpConAG gives the option for Bulk Rates for ongoing projects or services. This structure is reserved for when an organization wants to commit to multiple projects or trainings over a period of time. Each case is individual and would need to be discussed to determine if Bulk Rates could be applied to your proposal.

Retainer Rate

HarpConAG gives the option for Retainer Rates. For organizations who opt to use HarpConAG on an ongoing basis, or for a large, labor-intensive project, this arrangement allows the organization to retain HarpConAG on a monthly basis for a certain number of hours of service.  As every project is different, we are happy to discuss this option with you to customize a plan to meet your needs.