Harpeth Consultant Advisory Group was founded in June of 2018 in the beautiful Harpeth River Valley of Middle Tennessee, spanning 870 square miles. Harpeth specializes in helping organizations reach their goals in the areas of Organizational Development and Leadership, Strategic Growth, and Compliance. In addition, Harpeth also provides Caregiver Support and Engagement Services for Individuals and Providers, Dementia Training (specialized and Certified Dementia Practitioner), Support Group Facilitation, and Site Visit Support (limited to the Greater Nashville and DC Metro areas.) Harpeth works with experts in the field bringing you a well-respected knowledge base that can be applied to any setting. Focusing in the areas of healthcare, long term care, senior services, community based care, and hospitality, our goal is to provide sophisticated results through common sense approach.

We understand that sometimes boiling things down to the simplest and easiest way to understand them is quite beneficial to the client. Have you met with that consultant that is using words and terms that you’ve never heard of, but you nod in agreement because you don’t want to come across as uninformed? This is the common sense approach that Harpeth utilizes. We do not need to speak in high-level terms (sometimes we do – but we promise it is not the norm) to make ourselves sound better than we are. Our work speaks for itself. Our goal is to speak in terms that are relatable, understandable, actionable and thought provoking. The goal is for our client to feel as though we have clear and reliable communication and everyone knows where they stand. This will allow us at Harpeth to deliver sophisticated results.

Joel Bednoski, Founder & Principal

Joel Bednoski is the Founder of Harpeth Consultant Advisory Group.  After spending nearly two decades working in leadership and executive level positions within the long-term continuum of care, Joel truly knows what it takes to drive success within the organization; culture change, diversification of revenue streams, sales and marketing, market positioning, innovative program development and deployment, regulatory compliance, and much more. In today’s world, with so much going on and having to balance multiple priorities, it is Joel’s goal to help you develop a more strategic approach on how to manage those priorities. What does this look like: by providing relatable and realistic tools and not making the process so cumbersome that it feels like you have more work to do.

Joel has worked in both the for-profit corporate world as well as small independent start-up non-profits. He has also served on several boards in leadership roles, often through times of change within the boards and organizations. In addition to his extensive leadership experience, Joel also speaks regularly at seminars and conferences on a wide array of topics from innovative dementia care programming and outcomes tracking to sales and marketing 101. He has a passion for helping people succeed and realize their goals.

Joel holds a BIS in Health Services Administration from George Mason University, is a licensed practical nurse, and licensed Assisted Living Facility Administrator. He also holds multiple certifications in the field of dementia and memory care: Certified Dementia Practitioner, Certified Memory Impairment Specialist, and Virtual Dementia Tour Facilitator.

At home, Joel is married to his partner Patrick and together they share raising a beautiful, smart, loving, and sassy daughter, Alyse.

Contact Joel at: Joel.Bednoski@HarpConAG.com

Christi Clark, Programming COnsultant

Christi Clark is the Programming Consultant for Harpeth Consultant Advisory Group.  Having a similar background to Joel, serving in many different capacities in the long-term care industry: executive and regional level roles in both operations and sales and marketing. Christi shifted her focus towards working with those living with a diagnosis of memory impairment and their caregivers.  Christi worked to develop community partnerships, develop multi-stage dementia programming, engagement models, and early-stage MCI programs for individuals and their care partners. Christi has also developed sales and marketing plans for organizations looking to increase their referral sources and hone in on their marketing strategies. With the ever-changing landscape of home and community based care models, and dementia care, Christi works to stay ahead of the curve, so she can work with individuals and organizations on innovative and person-centered model development and implementation.

Christi has also worked in many different settings and recognizes some of the challenges that non profit organizations face when looking to identify funding for program implementation.  She has successfully partnered with institutions of higher education in securing grants and other funding for evidenced based programs.  Christi is also a sought after speaker, presenting on various topics such as Differentiating the Diagnosis, Communication 101, and Purposeful Programming.  Christi has a passion for working with organizations where she can help to identify ways to enhance the quality of life for their clients.

Christi holds a BA in History and Russian Studies from George Mason University, and is a licensed Assisted Living Facility Administrator. Christi also holds multiple certifications in the field of dementia and memory care: Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer from the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners, and is a Certified Memory Impairment Specialist. She also was just elected to the Board of Directors for NADSA.

At home, Christi spends her time with friends and family as well as raising her very creative and expressive teenage daughter, Sophia.

Contact Christi at: Christi.Clark@HarpConAG.com

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